Monday, January 16, 2012

Advanced Configuration Settings

I discovered some Advanced Configuration Settings that most people probably don't know about.  You can find them here on this MSDN article:

Note - In the above article, Microsoft suggests that these settings should only be updated when a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support Rep suggests it.

There are five different types of Advanced Configuration Settings.  They include:

These configuration settings can only be updated through the CRM API.  Here's some sample code from the above article on updating these settings:

RetrieveAdvancedSettingsRequest request = new RetrieveAdvancedSettingsRequest() {
   ConfigurationEntityName = "Deployment";
   ColumnSet.AllColumns = false; // Returns only writable properties.
RetrieveAdvancedSettingsResponse response = service.Execute(request);
ConfigurationEntity configEntity = response.Entity;

ConfigurationEntity entity = new ConfigurationEntity();
entity.LogicalName = "Deployment";
entity.Attributes = new AttributeCollection();
entity.Attributes.Add(new KeyValuePair<string, object>("AutomaticallyInstallDatabaseUpdates", true));
UpdateAdvancedSettingsRequest request = new UpdateAdvancedSettingsRequest();
request.Entity = entity;

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