Sunday, June 20, 2010

ForceSubmit and Default Read-Only Lookups

I made quite the discovery the other day with the ForceSubmit property.  I was writing a plugin on pre-create of an entity where I needed to grab a lookup attribute from the entity being created.  I finished the plugin and then tried testing it out.

I went to create a new record for this entity and realized that the lookup I needed to populate was set to read-only in the form customizations.  I used the IE8 dev tool bar to execute some javascript that enabled the lookup and then set the ForceSubmit property to true so it would save the value.  I then populated the lookup and created the record.

I was greeted with this infamous error:
My first instinct was that my plugin wasn't working correctly, so I set a breakpoint but it wasn't getting triggered.  I then created a record without populating this lookup and it hit my breakpoint and worked successfully.  My next thought was that maybe ForceSubmit was the culprit.  To test this theory I enabled this lookup in the form customizations and tried again and it worked successfully.

In conclusion, if you make a lookup read-only using custom javascript, you can then set ForceSubmit to true on the lookup to save the value as needed.  On the other hand, if you default the lookup to read-only in the form customizations then you will not be able to set ForceSubmit to true to save the value.

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